Our website design process was developed with the small business owner in mind.
You have limited spare time and an ever-changing schedule but still require a high quality, cost effective web solution.
You need a web design company that can take care of everything… and that’s exactly what we do.


  • Tell us about you

    • Call us to set up an appointment in person or by phone to discuss your site needs. We will discuss your keywords, target demographics, services or products offered and plan of action as well as site design, pages, email options and domain information, among other pertinent information.
  • Put it in writing

    • Next , everything that was discussed will be put into writing.  This will help everyone to stay on the same page and there no confusion about what is going to be provided to you. After we come to an agreement, an invoice will be sent to you.  Once 60% of the payment is received, work will begin on the website.  The other 40% will be billed invoiced completion.
  • The nuts and bolts

    • Up next in line, we verify everything is in order and start the process of domain setup and registration and gathering of necessary scripts and content, including images, text, and other required items.
  • Gathering the pieces

    • At this stage of the process, we will develop a design or transform an existing design to suit your specifications and submit it to you for approval. Changes and modifications will be made based upon a consultation with you to verify your satisfaction.
  • Putting the pieces together

    • Now , as everything has been confirmed and is ready, we begin the assembly and testing stage of the build out process. All bugs and trouble spots are addressed and repaired, scripts are integrated, forms and other elements of the site are put in place,designing of the individual pages complete with content, images, links and implementing all the keyword-rich content, meta data and search engine optimization and the site begins reaching completion.
  • Launching the website

    • Site launch takes place once everything is in place and properly functioning and meeting your expectations. At this point, your site will be ready for the world and in place to promote your business or sell your products. You are now a member of the Internet Business Community. Welcome to the Web!
  • Continual maintenance

    • Once we have launched the website, that doesn’t mean that you can just walk away from the website. There is still regular maintenance including copy, picture galleries and SEO as well as updates to keep the site fresh and appealing to your surfers. We will train you to handle these tasks or you can choose a plan to suit your business budget and we will do the work for you.