We offer many different solutions to meet all of your wireless network needs.


Home Networks

Is your home wireless router not giving you the coverage that you want?
We can install additional access points in your home to provide coverage to every area of your home, patio, or even to your yard.

Do you want to extend your home wireless to your shed or workshop?
We can install a wireless point-to-point system from your home router out to your shed or workshop so that you can stay connected even while not in your house.


Wireless Networks for Small Business

Your average customer has the Internet in their hand, or pocket, while they are in your establishment, so why would you need to offer free wifi when they can just use their cellular data plan?

Here are 5 reasons
  1. Time.  Studies have shown that patrons spend more time in stores that offer free wifi service.  More time in your store means money money spent.  People tend to stay longer if they can use their phone, tablet, or laptop via wifi.
  2. Foot traffic.  Offering free wifi has been shown to increase foot traffic.  Ask yourself if you would rather spend an hour at a restaurant or bar that offers free wifi or one that doesn’t. If you offer wifi and your competitor doesn’t, then that gives you an advantage over them, especially in this digital age where everyone wants to stay “connected.”
  3. Customer service.  Cellular data plans aren’t unlimited, so staying “connected” is going to cost your customers something.  By offering free wifi, you are providing a service to your customers.
  4. It’s expected.  In recent polls, many consumers indicated that they would not buy a laptop or tablet with 3G/4G service because wifi is so prevalent.  Your customers expect wifi.  Just walk down any strip mall with your phone out and scan for wireless networks.  If you don’t offer it, then your competitor will.
  5. Cost.  You probably already have Internet at your establishment, so adding a few wireless access points for your customers to use probably won’t cost you much more than you are already spending.  A 50MB business plan from your local Cable company can handle a lot of users.  I’ve had almost 1000 users at one time on a small business Internet package that cost the owner $250 a month.

There is a reason why BIG companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Panera, etc. offer wifi to their customers.  It is part of the customer experience now to be able to sit down for lunch and access the free wifi to check your email or Facebook.